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Sheffield Park (2023) 

George Sansome & Matt Quinn

 (Grimdon Records) 

"I cannot remember when I so enjoyed listening to a new album" - Tykes Stirrings Summer 2023


Tunnellers (2021) 

Nancy Kerr

 (Little Dish Records) 


A Golden Thread (2020) 

Pete Morton


"... another fine collection by a master songwriter"


Isolation Quinn (2020) 

Matt Quinn

 (Hebe Music) 

Bold Champions Album Cover Square.jpg

Bold Champions (2019) 

 The Dovetail Trio 

 (GR Records) 

“a magnificent release, showcasing traditional, mainly English, folk music at its very best” FRUK

Front-Highres Cover.png

Unaccustomed As We Are (2019) 

 Matt Quinn & Owen Woods 

 (Hebe Music) 

“An album-full of scintillating squeezery from two gifted exponents” – Living Tradition Magazine


 On The Roof Of Your House, All Alone (2018) 

 Russ Chandler 


 The Brighton Line (2017) 

 Matt Quinn 

 (Hebe Music) 

 "Totally delightful listening" - fRoots 

 Wing Of Evening (2015) 

 The Dovetail Trio 

 (Rootbeat Records) 

 "This is by far one of the best partnerships I have come across this year... this album did not disappoint, I cannot wait to hear more."  - FATEA 

 The Dovetail Trio E.P. (2014) 

 The Dovetail Trio 

 (Self Release) 

 "These intimate and gentle arrangements of familiar songs are a great taster of what this trio has to offer." - Bright Young Folk 

 A Day's Work (2014) 

 Various Artists 

 (Wildgoose Records) 

 "If you get the chance, see the show and buy the CD as a reminder. If you can't, buy the CD anyway it's a great collection of songs." - R2 Magazine 

 Broom Abundance (2012) 

 Matt Quinn 

 (Hebe Music) 

 " album for those who prefer no-nonsense, stripped-bare folk music and shows that traditional music is in safe hands." - Bright Young Folk 

 Outlandish (2012) 

 Dogan & The Boombox Karavan

(Hobgoblin Records) 

 "Combining and experimenting with Turkish and British folk traditions, he has come up with a dynamic and inventive second album." - Bright Young Folk 

 Cut This Cloth (2012) 

 Dogan & The Deerhunters 

 (Hobgoblin Records) 

 "...a powerful, original song...anthemic in flavour" - The Evening Standard 

 Banquet Of Boxes​ (2011) 

 Various Artists 

 (Mrs Casey Records) 

 "Great tunes played with drive, dexterity and sensitivity by some of the finest English Melodeon players around today.  A landmark collection in the development of this wonderfully timeless instrument..." - John Jones, Oysterband 

 Brief Lives (2010) 

 Gavin Davenport 

 (Hallamshire Traditions) 

 "If more of our young “folkies” could write and sing like this there would be a great future for our traditional music. Highly recommended. No, actually it’s essential." - Shreds and Patches 

 From Past To Present (2009) 

 Nellie Quinn 

 (Self Release) 

 "Great arrangements and some sweet, smooth playing." - Colin Grant 

 Gypsyhead (2009) 

 Dogan Mehmet 

 (Hobgoblin Records) 

 "Dogan a roaring fanfare for multicultural Britain, merging Anglo-Turk traditions with relish and conviction... it's a remarkable debut" - Mojo Magazine 

 Thicker Than Water (2008) 

 The Mighty Quinns 

 (Hebe Music) 

 "Unflashy but most entertaining" - fRoots

 Highly Strung (2007) 

 Too Many Strings 

 (Knervous Music) 

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